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The SSPEED Center has been awarded a grant by the Houston Endowment to continue its research surrounding the Houston-Galveston Area Protection System. The Houston Endowment has been supporting SSPEED Center research since 2009 surrounding protection strategies for the Gulf Coast.

The next phase of research will address important environmental impact issues. This includes:

1.    1)  Determining how the gate and levee systems will impact salinity and ecological health both in the bay and in the exchange across Bolivar Roads;
2.    2)  Evaluating how the H-GAPS Plan responds to specific spills from industry in the HSC or other areas as contaminants enter the bay; and
3.    3)  Investigating the benefits of nonstructural elements of H-GAPS.

For more information on the SSPEED Center and its current projects, visit sspeed.rice.edu