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Philip B. Bedient

Herman Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Surface and groundwater hydrology, GIS and radar based flood alert, flood control and water quality strategies, hydrologic modeling, contaminant transport mechanisms in groundwater.


Dr. Philip B. Bedient is the Herman Brown Professor of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University. He teaches and performs research in surface water hydrology, flood prediction systems, and radar-based flood alert. He has directed over 60 research projects, and he has written over 200 articles in journals and conference proceedings.  In addition, Dr. Bedient will release the 6th Edition of his textbook, Hydrology and Floodplain Analysis in January of 2018.  Dr. Bedient has worked on hydrologic problems including major floodplain studies, water quality assessments, and hydrologic modeling for a number of watersheds in Texas, Florida, and Louisiana. He has been actively involved in the area of hydrologic analysis for flood prediction and warning and has developed a real-time flood alert system for the Texas Medical Center, based on the use of NEXRAD radar data. Dr. Bedient directs the SSPEED Center at Rice for severe storm prediction, consisting of several universities in the Gulf Coast area. Created to address the impacts of Hurricane Ike in the Houston area, the SSPEED Center is funded by the Houston Endowment to study storm surge prediction, inland flooding, and long-term mitigation strategies. Dr. Bedient has organized annual conferences since 2008 on hurricane and flood impacts in the Gulf Coast area.  The 2018 SSPEED conference, Urban Flooding & Infrastructure: Moving Forward from Harvey, will take place this February.  Currently, Dr. Bedient is evaluating the impacts of Harvey as it relates to rainfall, land use change, and drainage patterns across the city of Houston.

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OFFICE: 113 Mechanical Lab