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Ilinca Stanciulescu

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Brief Bio

Dr. Stanciulescu’s research focuses on computational mechanics (non-linear finite elements), constitutive modeling of materials, multiscale and multiphysics formulations, non-linear dynamics and stability of complex systems. She is a member of the United States Association for Computational Mechanics (USACM), the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), the American Mathematical Society (AMS), the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA). Ilinca Stanciulescu holds a B.Eng (1995) and a M.A.Sc (1996) from the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, a B.S. in Applied Mathematics (2000) from Bucharest University and a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering (2005) from Duke University. Before joining the Ph.D. Program at Duke University, she served as a junior lecturer (1996-2000) in the Department of Strength of Materials of the Technical University of Civil Engineering (T.U.C.E.) in Bucharest, Romania. During that time, she taught several classes (Strength of Materials, Elasticity Theory, Finite Element Analysis, Nonlinear Analysis of Structures), participated in various research projects, and co-authored a textbook, "Post-Elastic Analysis of Structures". She has also worked as a structural design engineer (full-time in 1995 before joining the faculty at T.U.C.E., and part-time thereafter). Prior to joining Rice University as Assistant Professor in July 2009 she served as Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2006-2009) and as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Duke University Computational Mechanics Laboratory (2005-2006).  

Ilinca Stanciulescu
PHONE: 713-348-4704
OFFICE: 208 Ryon Lab