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Ph.D. Theses

Many theses awarded through the department from 1991 to present are listed below.  For a searchable database, please visit the Rice University digital scholarship archive to access electronic copies of department theses and dissertations.  There is no need to create an account and searching is free and available 24 hours a day. Alumni of the department who does not see their thesis listed should notify the department immediately at ceve@rice.edu.


Title of Dissertation



 Akwasi Mensah
Resilience Assessment of Electric Grids and Distributed Wind Generation under Hurricane Hazards May 2015
 Navid Sakhavand
Mechanics of Platelet-Matrix Composites across Scales: Theory, Multiscale Modeling, and 3D Fabrication May 2015
  Keguan Zou Study of Adaptive Passive Stiffness Systems with Nonlinear Vibrations: New Analytical and Computational Techniques May 2015
 Lu Wang Application of nanoparticles in downhole detection  May 2015
 Zhenjia Gao
Computational framework for the analysis of hybrid masonry systems using an improved non-local technique  Dec 2014

 Ana McPhail Municipal Solid Waste as a Viable Alternative Fuel in the U.S.A. Dec 2014
 Jing Wang Engineered nanomaterials and plant interactions: uptake, translocation, transformation and physiological effects
 Dec 2014
 Yongchao YangHarnessing Data Structure for Health Monitoring and
Assessment of Civil Structures: Sparse Representation
and Low-rank Structure
 Dec 2014
Jonathon Brame

Using Nanomaterials to Solve Environmental Problems:
Advancing the Science and Engineering of Photocatalysis

May 2014
Emily McCarthy
Application of Compact, Geometrically Complex Shape Memory Alloy Devices for Seismic Enhancement of Highway Bridge Expansion Joints May 2014 
Wei Tang Incorporation of Satellite Observations into Texas Ozone Attainment Modeling 

May 2014 
Zhenghua WangRisk-Based Design of Bridges and Associated Transportation Networks Under Natural Hazards

May 2014
Mengyan LiGenetic Catabolic Probes to Assess the Natural Attenuation
of 1,4-DioxaneGenetic Catabolic Probes to Assess the Natural Attenuation of 1,4-Dioxane

Dec 2013
Jie MaMicrobial processes influencing the attenuation and impacts of ethanol blend fuel releases

Dec 2013
Chao Sun
Structural Vibration Control of Nonlinear Systems Using the Smart Tuned Mass Damper (STMD) and the Nonlinear Tuned Mass Damper (NTMD) in Parallel 

Dec 2013 
Venkata VemurDynamic stability of elastomeric seismic isolation bearings
and seismic protection using enhanced adaptive negative stiffness system 

Dec 2013
Nan Zhang
Interaction of phosphonates onto the immobilized surface: application to scale control in oil and gas flow assurance
Dec 2013
Wei  Zhou 

Modeling the Dynamic Change of Air Quality and its Response to Emission Trends 

Dec 2013 
Navid Ataei

Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Bridges Subjected to Hurricane Events

May 2013
Yenny Chandra Transient Behavior of Curved Structures May 2013
Jayadipta Ghosh

Parameterized Seismic Reliability Assessment and Life-Cycle Analysis of Aging Highway Bridges

May 2013
Longwen Gong

Atmospheric Ammonia Measurements and Implications for Particulate Matter Formation in Urban and Suburban Areas of Texas

May 2013
Chaojun Huang

Structural Health Monitoring System for Deepwater Risers with Vortex-induced Vibration: Nonlinear Modeling, Blind Indentification, Fatigue/Damage Estimation and Vibration Control

May 2013
 Dharma Pasala

Seismic response control of structures using novel adaptive
passive and semi-active variable stiffness and negative stiffness devices

May 2013
Xiaolei Qu

Impact of Sunlight and Natural Organic Matter on the Fate, Transport, and Toxicity of Carbon Based Nanomaterials

May 2013
Keivan Rokneddin

Reliability and Risk Assessment of Networked Urban
Infrastructure Systems Under Natural Hazards

May 2013
Leticia Vega

The Impact of Nickel on Lux I/LusR-Type Quorum Sensing
and Biofilm Formation of Enviornmental Proteobacterial 

May 2013
Andrea Clements

Mass, Composition, Source Identification and Impact Assessment for Fine and Coarse Atmospheric Particles in
the Desert Southwest

Dec 2012
Michael Liga  Assessing Photocatalytic Oxidation Using Modified TiO2 Nanomaterials for Virus Inactivation in Drinking Water: Mechanisms and Application Dec 2012
Sarah Work

A Study of Surface Treatments on Carbonate Core Material
for Application to Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution during Geologic Carbon Storage

Dec 2012
Dong Li

Assessing Biological Interactions and Potential Impacts of Emerging Carbonaceous Materials to Terrestrial Organisms 

May 2011
Kabindra Shakya

Characterization of atmospheric aerosols in Kathmandu, New Hampshire, and Texas: Carbonaceous, isotopic, and water-soluble organic composition  

May 2011
Ioannis Kougioumtzoglou

Harmonic Wavelets Procedures and Wiener Path Integral
Methods for Response Determination and Reliability Assessment
of Nonlinear Systems/Structures

May 2011
Alison Contreras Filtration of Complex Suspensions Using Nanofiltration and Reverse Osmosis Membranes: Investigating Foulant-Foulant and Foulant-Membrane Interactions
May 2011
Jacques Mathieu Strategies for the Mitigation of Oxysterol-Induced Cytotoxicity
May 2011
Rosa Dominguez-Faus The Water Footprint of Biofuels
May 2011
 Jesse Farrell Arsenic Adsorption to Nanomagnetite-Packed Columns: Characterization and Mitigation of Silica InterferenceMay 2011
Georgios Evangelatos Non Local Mechanics in the Time and Space Domain-Fracture Propagation via a Peridynamics Formulation: A Stochastic\Deterministic Perspective
May 2011
Ping Zhang, May 2011 Synthesis and application of phosphonate scale inhibitor nanomaterials for oilfield scale control
May 2011
Michael Contreras Adaptive, Intelligent Methods for Real Time Structural Control and Health Monitoring,
Dec 2010
Ertan Sonmez

Deterministic and Stochastic Responses of Smart Variable
Stiffness and Damping Systems and Smart Tuned Mass Dampers

May 2010
  Characterization of Simple Saccharides and Other Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Particulate Matter and Source Apportionment Using Positive Matrix Factorization May 2010

Yuling Jia

Characterization of Simple Saccharides and Other Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Particulate Matter and Source Apportionment Using Positive Matrix Factorization 

Shagun Bhat

Characterization, Seasonality and Source Apportionment of Fine Particulate Organic Matter at Urban and Rural Sites  

May 2008

 Bilei Chen

Detection Filter-Based Method with LMI Technique for Robust Structural Damage Detection  

Nov 2007

 Agathoklis Giaralis

Wavelet Based Response Spectrum Compatible Synthesis of Accelerograms and Statistical Linearization Based Analysis of the Peak Response of Inelastic Systems  

May 2008

Michal Rysz

Antibiotic resistance vector transport, reservoir amplification and attenuation   

Dec 2007

Su Jin Yean

Arsenic Removal Using Iron Oxides: Application of Magnetite Nanoparticles and Iron Salts  

Jan 2008

Nick Fang

A Dynamic Hydraulic Floodplain Map Prediction Tool for
Flood Alert in a Coastal Urban Watershed Considering Storm Surge Issues

Jan 2008

Eliza Tsui

Performance of Nanostructured Metal Oxan Derived Ceramic Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications 

May 2007

Heather Shipley 

Magnetite Nanoparticles for Removal of Arsenic  from Drinking Water 

April 2007

Natalie Capiro

Evaluation of Fuel Ethanol Releases in a Pilot-Scale Aquifer Tank: Source Dynamics, NAPL Migration and Microbial Community Response 

Dec 2006

Rebecca Daprato

Population Dynamics of Tetrachloroethene Dechlorinating Consortia for Surfactant and Bioaugmenttion Remediation Applications  

Oct 2006

John Fortner

C60 in Water: Aggregation Characterization, Reactivity and Behavior  

Oct 2006

Xuekun Cheng

Nanoparticles:  Absorption and Desorption of Organic Contaminants, and Transport in Soil 

May 2006

Prasad Dharp

Real-Time Structural Damage Detection Using Interaction Matrix Formulation and Observers 

April 2006

Birnur Guven

A comprehensive study of urban gaseous and particulate air pollution in Houston, TX:  Source apportionment and the emissions inventory assessment  

April 2006

Zhiling Li

Methods for Real-time Actuator-Sensor-Failure and Structural Damage Detection  

April 2006

Eleftheria Safiolea

Evaluation of Relative Hydrologic Effects of Land Use Change and Subsidence Using Distributed Modeling

April 2006

Zhiwei Yue

Atmospheric Organic Fine Particulate Matter in Houston:  Composition, Seasonality and Source Apportionment  

May 2005

Karen Pickering

Photochemistry and Environmental Applications of Water-soluble Fullerene Compounds 

May 2005

Jude Benavides

Advanced Methods For Improving The Lead-Time And Accuracy Of A Flood Alert System In An Urban Watershed 

May 2005

LiLi Cong

Sorption/Desorption of Aesenic to Nanometer Scale Magnetite 

Sept 2004

Varadarajan Nadathur

Novel Smart Variable Stiffness Turned Mass Damper and its Real-Time Identification and Control Using Time Frequency Techniques 

Jan 2004

Stephanie Glenn

Groundwater Modeling using NEXRAD-Generated Data & MODFLOW: Evaluating the Parameters of Rainfall & Recharge in a GIS Framework 

June 2002

Sanjay Sahasrabudhe

Semi-active control of sliding isolated buildings and bridges with variable stiffness and damping systems 

April 2002

Volodymyr Tarabara

Morphology of Particle Deposits 

April 2004

Farrukh Ahmad

The Reactivity of Partially Reduced Metabolites of 2,4,6-Trinitrotuluene in Natural Systems  

April 2001

Jianjun (Alan) Xiao

Mineral Nucleation and Inhibition  

May 2000

Laine Vignona

Sorption and Reactivity of 1,1,2,2 Tetrachloroethene  

April 2000

Cynthia Schmidt Carr

Characterization of Tetrachloroethene-Dechlorinating Bacteria & Investigation into Their Ability to Enhance Removal Rates of Tetrachloroethene - Containing Non-Aqueous Phase Liquids  

April 2000

Erin Devitt Mackey

Fouling of Ultrafiltration & Nanofiltration Membranes by Dissolved Organic Matter  

June 1999

Manar El-Beshry

Evaluating the Predictive Capabilities of a Three- Dimensional Simulator (Vent 3D) Against the Performance of a Field-Scale Sal Vapor Extraction Operation  

May 1999

Charles Nelson Neale

Impacts of Unsaturated Zone Reaeration on the Bioattenuation of Organic Contaminants in Groundwater Systems  

Dec 1999

Wei Chen

Impact of Irreversible Sorption on Sediment Quality 

Sept 1999

Greg Characklis

Characterization of Particle Metals and Water Quality in Urban Runoffs 

April 1994

Loren Hopkins

A Hydrogeologic Database for Stochastic Groundwater Modeling with Hydrogeologic Environment Specific Applications 


Stephen Friedfeld

The Temperature & Ionic Strength Dependence of Solubility Product Constant of Ferrous Phosphonate  

April 1997

Sandeep Sethi

Transient Permeate Flux Analysis, Cost Estimation & Design Optimization in Crossflow Membrane Filtration  

April 1997

Jim Engler

Investigation of Membrane Filtration In a Rotating Disk Geometry: Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics & Laboratory Evaluation 

May 1997

Denise Beckles

The Biodegradation Patterns of Mixtures of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Naphthalene, Acenaphthene, & Fluoranthene in Sediments 

May 1997

Margaret Hunter

Irreversible Absorption of Hydrocarbons to Natural and Surrogate Sediments 

May 1996

Karen Duston

Bacterial Attachment and Transport Through Porous Media;  The Effects of Bacterial Cell Characteristics 

May 1995

Maged Hamed

Reliability-based Uncertainty Analysis of Groundwater Contaminant Transport & Remediation  

Aug 1995

Anthony J. Gerbino

Quantifying the retention and release of polyphosphonates in oil and gas producing formations using surface complexation and precipitation theory 

Mar 1996