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Course Announcement: CEVE 322 Alternative: Register for CEVE 479 which contains both economics and project management 

Rice Seismic Design Team Recruiting:  12:00-12:50 PM, Mon., 9/28. Ryon Lab 201 with lunch provided. If you have any questions about EERI or the SDC, please contact Kameshwar (sk56@rice.edu) or Arthur (zc10@rice.edu).

Grads: Professional master’s degree (MCEE) interest? Apply here. Minimum requirements must be met. See webpage for complete details. Deadlines:

  • Spring 2016 Cohort: Thursday, October 15, 2015
  • Fall 2016 Cohort: Sunday, February 1, 2016 

Grad Funding Opportunities: Rice Engineering Alumni Association grant program could help your club with an activity or help you travel to a conference if you're a grad student. They are now accepting applications to support "outstanding engineering related initiatives,"  for undergraduate or graduate student-led projects. Applications for the fall cycle are due November 20. Application here. They're giving away up to $10K this academic year, so apply now!

Grad travel program: New to help grad students who are going to conferences to present their research work. Applications are due Nov. 20.  Application here. Questions about the program? Email Alberto Montesi

Graduate Colloquium:  September 21st @ Noon in Ryon Lab 201 RSVP by 9/18 for food

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Rice is lead on NSF Engineering Research Center>

Rice is lead on NSF Engineering Research Center

The $18.5M Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment Systems Center will use nanotechnology to transform the economics of water treatment.

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In modern society Civil and Environmental Engineers serve as master builders, environmental stewards, and integrators of solutions to complex challenges to sustain and improve the built and natural environment so that later generations will have an ever improving quality of life.  

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University will enhance the sustainability of infrastructure systems and supporting natural resources that are challenged by societal and environmental changes and extreme events.  These critical and emerging challenges will be addressed through innovations to improve infrastructure resilience and the efficiency of water and energy use; integration of complex system analysis to enhance risk assessment and mitigation; and multidisciplinary solutions for infrastructure renewal.   

From the research laboratories to the classrooms and beyond, we will train a new generation of civil and environmental engineering leaders with the knowledge of current best practices and the creative agility to advance the field into the future.