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Jamie E. Padgett

Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Research Summary

Structural Engineering, Reliability and Risk Assessment, Sustainable Infrastructure, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics, Retrofit and Rehabilitation, Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation, Smart Materials and Systems, Seismic Design, Analysis, and Retrofit of Bridges. 

Brief Bio

Dr. Jamie E. Padgett’s research focuses on the application of probabilistic methods for risk assessment of structures and lifeline systems, including the quantification of infrastructure sustainability. Her work addresses the protection of bridge infrastructure exposed to multiple hazards, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, or corrosion, as well as the use of advanced materials for structural retrofit and rehabilitation. Dr. Padgett is a member of several national technical committees, including the Technical Council on Lifeline Earthquake Engineering (TCLEE) Earthquake Investigations Committee, and ASCE’s Technical Committees on Structural Control, Seismic Effects, and Emerging Analysis Methods. She was a member of the ASCE/TCLEE reconnaissance team following Hurricane Katrina for assessment of bridge and highway performance, and she currently serves on the inaugural editorial board of the journal Earthquakes and Structures. Dr. Padgett has received several awards and fellowships from such groups as the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI), FEMA, NEHRP, and NSF. Dr. Padgett was recently named ASCE’s 2009 New Face of Civil Engineering and one of the National Engineers Week Foundation’s 14 New Faces of Engineering for her contributions to the field of infrastructure risk assessment and protection. Her research has been supported by such organizations as the National Science Foundation, Federal Highway Administration, Houston Endowment, and NCHRP.

Jamie Padgett
PHONE: 713-348-2325
OFFICE: 214 Ryon Lab